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The post-Modern position in Communications

The Question:

Should someone with a masters in communication be familiar with the theories of X ? If not why not and if yes what are the critical readings, theories and concepts and how can they be applied?


General Resources

Epstime Links provides easy access to resources in philosophy, categorized by philosopher. The database includes links to over a thousand resources on over 300 philosophers throughout history. You can search by time period, by philosopher name, or by topic area althoughnot all philosophers have been assigned a time period or topic areas yet.

The Georgetown University Philosophy Department's source of online texts is a extraordinary resource with a very wide range of philosophers.

The opening page from "Philosophy in Cyberspace". Contains links to a stunning array of thinkers and grouped theorists eg Critical and Cultural Theory.

A way-mad exploration of postmodernism through the lens of SF and comix written by a professor of the University of Washington!

A goodie, from Marist College and one I have used since early last year. Commentary to go with it "seek and ye shall find!"

The University of Colorado at Denver, School of Education stunning array of Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought. Loads of 'names', articles, resources and a its own search facility for online philosophy.

This site is a massive set of links to Postmodernism in Cyberspace.

Postmodern culture, criticism, and thought on the Web.

A pretty good nutshell of the development of postmodernism.

"The Value of Knowledge: a Miniature Library of Philosophy" covers four hundred years of philosophy with lots of original texts. It seems to be a labour of love.

This page concentrates on the various and confusing movements of the 20th century. The site colours are atrocious, but if you can read the text it seems to be a quite good over-arching look the subject.

The Feminist Theory Website provides research materials and information for students, activists, and scholars interested in women's conditions and struggles around the world. The goals of this website are: 1) to encourage a wide range of research into feminist theory, and 2) to encourage dialogue between women (and men) from different countries around the world. Hopefully, this will result in new connections, new ideas, and new information about feminist theory and women's movements.

A brief article from Wired on Trendy French intellectuals. Pomo to Go.